• We provide innovative options using natural resources

    TDD Investments provides

    innovative ways of connecting with people across multiple cultures and environments with extensive international business strategy experience throughout the world.

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  • We provide sellers with resources to develop their communities

    TDD Investments proudly

    assists under-developed countries to realize their wealth by implementing strategic partnering alliances utilizing their natural resources including oil.

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  • We maintain strong relations from start to finish

    TDD Investments logistics

    successfully exports and imports precious commodities directly from the point of origin to the final destination.

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  • We maintain strong relations from start to finish

    TDD Investments Consulting

    Whether you are an investor, trader, curious speculator or think investing is not for you, start adding precious metals to your portfolio investment and check its performance over a six month period.

    Investing in Gold


What We Do

We provide Suppliers, Exporters, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Stores and Investors with better ways to acquire and market their products while changing the way the precious metals, oil, diamond and gem businesses are operating in the trade.

Services Overview

  • International Export/Import Logistics
  • TDD Investments has been the industry's leading strategic developmental partner
  • It's principals have survived more than twenty five years in the commodities industry

Our Vision

To bridge the gap with African, American and world commodity import/export companies to create innovative ways for generating business with generous portions of the proceeds being allocated towards foundations supporting African developmental projects in various African countries.



TDD Investments oversees and navigates the reassurance aspect of contracts and assists the processes through fruition.

   Visit countries in need of developmental services

   Work with local government agencies

   Increase the quality of life


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Business Development

TDD Design Studio is a professional marketing & graphic design service providing a full range of web design services including Webinars, SEO & Lead Conversions.

   Marketing Management

   Website Developmental Services

   Graphic Arts Concepts

   Graphic Designs

   Domain Registration

   Web Hosting


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Our Service

We consult corporate clients and entrepreneurs ranging from miners to exporters and importers; from wholesalers to manufacturers; from retail stores to private clients, all seeking the most ideal relationship and taking full advantage of our affluent network of worldwide contacts.


Strategic Services

TDD Investments integrates the trading of diamonds, precious gems, gold and other precious metals, cutting, refining, manufacturing and support services such as finance management, logistics and insuring door-to-door deliver.

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Our representatives respectfully work closely with various corporations including engineers and developers (large and small) to provide and oversee developmental operations in countries throughout the world and especially the continent of Africa.

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