TDD Investments & Partners are committed to providing you with the best logistics and personal services in the industry.


Business Planning

Our principals have planned, created, and managed many businesses worldwide.

Founded in 1984, we emerged our wealth of experience and skill into our company and earn a remarkable reputation as a leading diamond and commodities firm with combined strengths in designing and creating an unbeatable force in the field of international business.

TDD & Partners are committed to operating with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality results.


Sellers and miners

that produce rough goods and have done their due diligence of authenticating their goods, provide us with a general list of their monthly findings



Agencies supply supporting official documentations to establish and provide us with the appropriate forms and safe-keeping documents


Our Principals

& Buying Partners, along with our specialist, regularly visit the Seller in their respective country



Product is viewed and inspected (on-site) to establish the buying price and then prepared for export via secured courier services



Sale price and payments are arranged for all export and local government fees & taxes and final payment structure is agreed upon



All documentation including required insurances and invoices for Local US Customs and Bonding Duties are prepared for entry


We generally require a minimum of 50%

be placed into a legal escrow account until the merchandise arrives and immediately following the verification and completion of the final testing, the remaining balance including the escrowed amount must be paid out to Seller within 24 to 72 hours by the Buyer/Paymaster via Bank to Bank swift wire.

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The Process

   Seller identifies their content
   Visit country with specialist
   View and inspect goods and agree on price
   Local taxes and fees are paid
   Initiate the exportation process
   Buyer or Shipping agent takes possession
   Import documentation is prepared
   Local US Customs are prepared for entry
   Secure courier service delivers product
   Goods are inspected and authenticated
   All funds are immediately released
   This process takes up to 3 Business days