TDD Investments & Partners are committed to providing the best personal service in the industry.
We approach every project with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, cost, and structural consulting.


Re-Investing in Developmental Projects

Founded in 1984, our passion is building relations by giving back!

TDD & Partners are committed to operating with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality results.

Investors and Developers

We have brought

various investors and developers to meet with local officials to hear, firsthand, the reasons and importance for us getting involved in assisting with a purpose. We recognize the importance of working collectively to assist each country and community in their new developments and to address all projects including road, sanitation, forestry, farming, medical, water purification, solar energy, etc.

Alternative Financing

We are also able

to provide guidance with alternative financing through natural resources that every African nation is deserving of, implementing creative avenues to address individual needs and concerns one-by-one. We have vast experience in domestic and international transactions, including acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and corporate restructurings.

Working Together

We work to

continuously increase the quality of life while helping African natives that will proudly work side by side with us, as they appreciate the fact that able Americans and foreign countries are helping them realize their dreams of working and living in communities that they themselves helped build.


We pride ourselves

in addressing developmental projects individually by implementing procedures to address whatever task are at hand immediately. Indentifying credible developers, builders and entrepreneurs is key in our planning of each project.

Financial Investments

Our belief

and experiences show that 'starting immediately' with the smallest projects attracts larger investors that are encouraged to invest when they see that government related operations run successfully and smoothly.

Smiling & Bright Future

Their Future

is now within reach and the pleasure to work with non-profit organizations is 'giving back'. We are achieving our lifelong goal by doing what's right – whether it be through trading diamonds to help the development of countries, or building and supporting individual dreams.


We are committed to "Building a Better World Starting Today"!

TDD Investments is a registered manufacturer/wholesaler based the United States of America. We buy, sell, cut and distribute diamonds to other manufacturers, retailers and private customers throughout the United States of America.

We are major importers of rough diamonds and raw gold that we refine to 99.99% for private and business clients worldwide.

Our company’s services, with good intent, are offered to you as a gateway for you and your affiliates to conduct business safely in the investments and development sector and the commodities export/import industry.

We and many of our affiliates in all sectors are continuously ready, willing and able to invest, contribute and to deploy our talents immediately in farming, building, road and highway repair, engineering, teaching, medical, policing, banking, etc.

The list goes on and on and on…

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Our Passion

   Participating in Country's Diaspora Efforts
   Identifying Philanthropic Projects
   Meeting with Government Representatives
   Meeting Local Business Representatives
   Visiting Country's Impoverished Areas
   Viewing and Inspecting Areas of Concern
   Meeting with Locals & Hearing their Concerns
   Discussing Ideas and Solutions
   Offering Ideas and Structure Experience
   Producing Strategic Business and Project Plans
   Presenting Financial Models & Analyses
   Creating Quarterly or Annual Analytic Reports
   Building Green Neighborhoods
   Maximizing Local Productions
   Planning, Developing, and Leading Local Projects
   Complying with local government requirements...
   Completing Each Project Successfully